‘Shut down Change.org’ petition started by Turkish Twitter phenomenon

change-org-screenChange.org, the platform that a provides free petition tool for people, has been hosting an interesting, and maybe locally disruptive, campaign recently. A very popular Twitter user, OdunHerif, who is an anonymous satyrical microblogger with huge follower-base (886K) in Turkish speaking world, has started a petition that wants ‘Change.org’ to ‘shut down’ because ‘it kills people’s ability to go into real action’.

The petition has been signed by almost 2,000 people so far.

OdunHerif also challenges the raison d’etre of the platform, saying “If Change.org is a platform that really works, so it should shut itself down once a reasonable amount of signatures are collected”.

The text of the petition in Turkish reads “Change.org stops people to go into action. Via stupid signature campaigns that tranquilize people online, Change.org kills people’s ability to take real action (for social issues). Shutting down the website will be to the advantage of the humanity”.

The petition will obviously not lead to the closure of the platform, nor to the removal of Turkish pages on the website. However, it’s already collected about 2,000 signatures, promising a lively debate in Turkey about the effectiveness of “signing a petition to make oneself heard” at times when political activism on the streets often dubbed as “terrorism” and punished severely by the current government.


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