Startupbootcamp FinTech announces 10 startups to join its 3-month acceleration program

startupboot-fintech-webrazziStartupbootcamp FinTech, a London-based accelerator focusing on financial technologies and innovation, has announced the first list of 10 fintech startups selected to join its 2014 program. The lucky startups, six of which are based in Europe and two in the US, will be working together with hundreds of mentors, partners and investors to build innovative and marketable fintech products over 3 months of acceleration period.

Startupbootcamp Fintech London will be offering the winners 3+1 months office space, €15K in cash per team and a bunch of expensive partner services to be provided for free, all in return for 8% equity in the participating company.

The financial technologies program has been launched in London last February with strong backing from MasterCard, Lloyds Banking Group and Rabobank. New program comes only two weeks after the launch of Starupbootcamp’s Istanbul program that aims to open up accelerator’s network and operations to MENA.

Nektarios Liolios, Managing Director at Startupbootcamp FinTech and former Innovation Leader at Innotribe, SWIFT, said they’ve met over 436 startups, visited financial hubs across four continents and held 18 different events.

Here is the final list of 10 startups, as they appear on the official announcement:

Creditable – South Africa
Creditable enables credit unions, lenders, businesses and individuals to give loans to their customers, employees, suppliers and family professionally in just five minutes. It aims to make credit more affordable, accessible, transparent and inclusive, and to re-imagine and re-engineer societal behaviour around credit. The team is led by Sechaba Ngwenya, a former banker turned developer and advocate for fair credit.

Epiphyte – United States
It is deploying enterprise software that allows the pre-installed systems of financial institutions to “talk” to crypto-financial networks, while operating within existing regulatory frameworks. Epiphyte provides banks and financial institutions with the expertise and tools to increase margins and provide new services, by taking advantage of of cryptocurrency and blockchain innovation.

FriendlyScore – Poland
FriendlyScore creates credit scorecards based on big data from Facebook. Using the Facebook API, it aims to become the ‘Klout’ for creditworthiness. The team is made up of Maciej Dolinski and Krzysztof Sornat, who previously ran payday loan company and Emilian Siemsia, a JAVA/PHP developer.

Insly – Estonia
Insly is a beautifully designed cloud-based tool for insurance salespeople, enabling them to manage sales from start to finish. There is no upfront investment and the web-based service needs no installation. Insly is already used by more than 60 insurance market leaders across six different countries, handling millions of transactions.

InvoiceSharing – The Netherlands
InvoiceSharing is a financial services marketplace which enables 100% free electronic invoicing. It delivers higher revenues, lower costs and better cash flow for its customers by combining user-friendly, innovative and smart financial services into one place where everybody can participate and benefit.

Liquity – United Kingdom
Liquity is an online marketplace matching buyers and sellers of private company shares. It provides private company directors with a comprehensive suite of shareholder and equity management services and matches investors with private company shareholders who want to sell some or all of their equity. It facilitates complete deals, from introduction to transaction completion including escrow and custodial services.

M-Changa – Kenya
M-Changa’s proprietary technology enables anyone to quickly and inexpensively manage a remote fundraiser. Registration of a fundraiser via mobile phone or online takes only a few seconds. Immediately, users receive a personalised M-Changa account number and can start accepting mobile money and credit card donations to their fundraiser.

milliPay Systems – Switzerland
milliPay is a Swiss micropayment startup, that makes online payments as simple as browsing. It allows users to pay with a single click, across the web and on any device, whatever the amount. milliPay’s innovative cryptographic protocol helps processing payment transactions extremely secure and efficient.

Tab – United States
Founded in 2012, Tab integrates with existing bank systems to enable real-time social payment networking. Friends can connect payment cards together to share purchases on a single card. Tab stores payment card tokens on file, splitting the total when any merchant charges a tab-enabled card, and charging everyone their respective portions dynamically, automatically, and instantly.

Up Investments – United Kingdom
Up Investments enables people to find, manage and grow all of their P2P and equity crowdfunded investments, all through one free and simple platform. It’s the world’s first crowdfunding supermarket where shoppers can browse, buy and manage investments from all the leading crowdfunding brands.

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