Realytics offers real-time measuring of TV ads’ online impacts

realyticsThe emergence of the internet has added a new dynamic to determining the success of commercials broadcast on TV: tracking consumer attitudes in detail towards particular commercials. The team behind French startup Realytics initially wanted to develop a real-time business-analytics platform, but then realized the lack of a service dedicated to monitoring the online impact of television ads. So, they decided to pivot and Realytics emerged in its current form. Realytics launched to the public in September 2013 and most recently completed the program at Le Camping, a Paris-based accelerator.

David Tessier, who works at Realytics, says that they have not obtained investment to this point, but intend to do so in the coming months. Despite the lack of investors, Tessier says that they have developed partnerships with dozens of clients, including firms in Italy and Spain.

They primarily work with businesses interested in tracking the success of their advertising, but also with traditional media firms such as Danone. Tessier says that they are also beginning to work with media agencies.

In the French market, their most direct competition comes from Holimetrix, which launched in 2012 and is backed by investment from French venture fund Jaina Capital. Worth noting that some American standalone competitors have left the market recently. WIthin just the past couple of years, there have been a number of notable acquisitions, as Twitter has snapped up Trendrr and Bluefin Labs, while Nielsen acquired SocialGuide and renamed it “Nielsen Social.”

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