tripndrive is an airport-based car-sharing platform for travelers

tripndrive-coverRental cars have long been an option for air travelers for arriving at and leaving airports. But this leaves thousands of cars just sitting in the parking lot, unused while the traveller is away. For many, this is perfectly fine and they likely think nothing of it. However, French-founded tripndrive allows travellers to rent out their cars while they are off on their trips and make some money in the process.

Most people would be understandable hesitant to rent out their car to a complete stranger, so tripndrive ensures that the auto is insured 100% through MMA and checks it for personal items before renting out to anyone.

For those renting out their cars, tripndrive offers free parking (even if your car isn’t taken by someone else) and pays out 15 Euro per 100km that the renter will drive it. Prices for renting vary by the time and airport, but a search indicates that renters can expect to shell out at least 15 Euro per day for the most-basic models (those best to book in advance to ensure that your options are not significantly limited).

The concept of renting out your car while you are away has taken root in the United States, but it is still a young market. Notable competitors include FlightCar, which operates at a few airports in California and in Boston, and RelayRides, which rents out cars at dozens of airports across the United States.

At this point, they are exclusively operating in France with more than 5K customers, but anticipate expanding within Europe after this year. The team behind tripndrive completed the most recent program at French accelerator NUMA, but tell me that they are currently boostrapping their way to success.

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