Bubuka moves to conquer the Russian audio and video-processing market

bubuka-logoMusic has long represented one of the most effective tools for a restaurant or store-owner to set the mood in a place of business, but too often customers are subjected to some local pop station or a CD. Russian Bubuka makes it simple for businesses to change up their musical offerings by providing a wide range of (legal) tracks to choose from and the ability to remotely control your playlists.

Bubuka is an interesting case because its founder, Dmitriy Pangaev, has previously established himself in a completely different industry. Having already become a several restaurateur with several properties in the Siberian city of Tomsk, Pangaev has transitioned into the streaming-music service with Bubuka. Pangaev tells me that he has invested 10 million rubles (approximately $291K) of his own money into the service, which enables him to retain control over all business decisions.

In addition to claiming a wide selection of music (more than 22K available tracks, according to the company’s website), one of the advantages promoted by Bubuka is the ability to control the video or audio system remotely. They offer Android and Windows apps that allow users to remotely create playlists and control content for the store in question.

The service is not terribly expensive for cafes or restaurants, running from $30 to $85 monthly, depending on the type of license they seek. For retailers or large shopping centers, it can be much pricier, costing from $50 up to $500.

Bubuka currently focuses on Russia with more than 500 domestic clients, including the Russian branches of Papa John’s and Cinnabon, but Pangaev says that they have their sights set on international expansion. Early in 2015, they are looking to expand into Germany, France, and the United Kingdom.

Within this market, Bubuka faces off against domestic competitors, such as BusinessMusic, which offers original jazz, concert, and world music, Cubic Media, and Muz Russia. From an international Pangaev tells me that they are up against big-hitters like Pandora and Sirius.

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