RealtimeBoard goes beyond boring text in workflow management, lets users add fun items from anywhere

realtimeboard-brainstormingCollaboration between offices has evolved over time, as businesses have moved from long and boring email chains to cloud-based services allowing employees to work together in real-time on the same documents. Still, services like Google Docs are largely text-based and might not be suitable for some businesses.

Vitamin Group, a Russia-based adverising agency, experienced frustrations with coordinating projects across time-zones and locations, so they decided to go ahead and build up a tool of their own. Releasing its commercial value, they launched RealtimeBoard, an in-browser whiteboard. The service launched in beta in 2012 and officially entered the market in June 2013. Since then, it has become a hit, attracting 400K users.

Unlike text-oriented services, RealtimeBoard allows users to share video links (Vimeo, YouTube), text, PDFs, files from Google Docs, etc while organizing their workflows, brainstorms and tasks. They attempt to make it easy to discuss the changes by offering to a video or voice-calling service for those willing to pay. A represent from the company told me plans for the near future include a mobile-app and they are planning to continue to develop whiteboard and project-management tools.

RealtimeBoard is free at the most basic level, but you must pay for the “pro” version if you need more than 3 boards or 100mb of space. The premium version will set you back $10 per month, but that will be bumped to $10 per user monthly if you opt for the “team” version. The premium version comes with manual backup, screen sharing, and hi-res export, but the team version offers all that and the ability to make video or voice calls.

Within this market, they are up against similar services like Twiddla and Scribblar, an online tutoring platform. They are backed by an undisclosed amount from Alternativa Platform, the developer behind the Tanki online-game series.

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