Metaio demos smart watch tech that recognizes the objects around you [Video]

metaio-smart-watchMunich-based augmented reality expert Metaio who very recently introduced an astonishing thermal touch technology for connected wearable devices, has come up this time with an object recognition solution that enables a smart watch recognize every object around the user.

The company who released a working demo video (below) about the solution, the goal of fast and effective interaction with a smart watch is now achieved by adding Metaio’s visual recognition functionality. The user snaps an image with the camera of a smart watch and then checks for matches using Metaio visual search technology. When a match is found, the retrieved data is shown to the user on either the screen of the smart watch or the smartphone it is linked to.

Metaio CEO, Dr. Thomas Alt said  “The smart watches are going be a huge part of the mobile computing revolution, so we wanted to make sure that we could bring the power of computer vision and augmented reality to this form factor.”

Putting the ability of virtual recognition on the wristwatch also saves the user from repeatedly removing their smart phones from pockets or purses to scan an object.

In a lifestyle application shown on the video, the user simply scan the food package by her smart watch to save nutritional information about the cereals she is preparing to eat , in a nutrition diary and programmer. According to Metaio the technology can be implemented on existing smart watches currently on the market and will be running a live demo of the application at the upcoming AR conference, InsideAR in Munich on October 29th and 30th, 2014.

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