Amazon is likely to open next European data hub in Frankfurt

datacenterAmazon’s Dublin-based European servers seems to share the increasing burden with new sites in Germany. According to  The Register, the web giant’s decision to expand its cloud services in Europe by building new data center in Germany also owes a lot to the recent sentiments that favour keeping the ‘national’ data within the  borders of the nation.

It’s rumoured that Germany has been seriously rivaled by France and the UK for the place of new Amazon Web Services site, and the board of the company has allegedly opted for Frankfurt, Germany.

One reason for that is Germany’s increasing efforts to to keep and control as much of the German digital data as possible within the country. The country has one of the best privacy protection regulations in the world and the public and the government are equally disturbed by the US’s NSA scandal which involved the wiretapping German government officials as well. German ICT decision-makers agreed more (32%) with the idea of “keeping data in their own country”, in comparison to other countries in the shortlist.

Secondly, ever-growing German digital sector now needs more rentable computer tech and cloud with lower latencies. The new AWS data center will also serve to clients in the Central and Eastern Europe, according to The Register.

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