StartHQ simplifies the process of searching across cloud-based services

startHQlogoWriting and sharing documents used to be pretty simple, as there were only a small number of platforms that most people used. As the internet has expanded, you have an increasing number of services to manage these tasks. You have your LinkedIn for business contacts, Facebook for pretty much everyone, you share documents in Drive, etc. It can be a challenge to remember where you are storing a particular document or someone’s contact information. StartHQ aims to establish itself as the go-to search engine for quickly looking through various services to find exactly what you are seeking.

The service, works by replacing the “next tab” button on your browser. Having clicked it, you have access to various apps that you use. At the main page of the launcher, users can directly access certain functions of the individuals or search through all of them all to find a particular piece of information.

The service free for the month in which you download it and $10 per month after that. Established competitors include Speed dial 2, with more than 461K downloads in the Google Chrome store, and Awesome New Tab Page, with 270K. Both of those services are free at the basic level, but Speed dial 2 requires a “pro” account if you wish to synchronize across devices, backup your data, and access your bookmarks. Awesome New Tab Page allows users to search within different services, but requires you to search each one individually, as opposed to being able to search them all at once with StartHQ.

StartHQ launched in February 2013 and then went through the acceleration program at Finland-based Startup Sauna that autumn. At this point, they claim more than 5K registered and 3K daily visitors to the site. The startup has bootstrapped to this point.


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