Witget helps businesses engage online visitors with a wide-variety of widgets

witgetcomIt is difficult enough to attract visitors to your online business already. But you want more, like, encouraging users to comment, click on ads (which will bring you revenue) or to even buy something. Russian-founded Witget, which launched earlier this year, aims to help businesses tackle this issue by providing widgets that will keep visitors interested.

Anna Chaschina, Witget CMO, tells me that the idea for the service came about as they received complaints from clients about frustration with converting visitors into active users. She says that 5 out of 6 clients said that they sought an easy-to-use tool for increasing user-engagement, so Witget entered the market. Witget, which released their MVP in April, offers more than 1,000 templates for widgets to entice readers to share pages with their friends, click on ads, offer feedback, and so forth.

This particular service is free at the most basic level, but Chaschina says that they will roll out subscriptions during the 3rd quarter of 2014.

To this point, they have attracted 1,000 registered users and report that widgets they have created have been displayed to more than 2.5 million people. To date, Chaschina says that Widget is backed by $150K in funding from angels Viacheslav Davidenko, Alexander Borodich, and Artem Filchugov, but they are going to search for new investment in order to expand. In additional to the typical quest for new users, she says that they intend to introduce features such as A/B testing, offer special mobile-focused widgets, unveil integration for Google Analytics and Mail Services, and other features. They are also looking to expand internationally.

Direct competitors include services such as Granify, which charges if clients raise revenue, Just Uno, which starts at $10 per month, Spain and Romania-based Blogvio, and AddThis.

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