Darjeelin’s team of seasoned-travellers scour the web for you to find the best prices on flights

darjeelinYou can search various services to find the perfect price on your flights, but it must be an extensive search to make sure that you are getting a solid deal. For years, there has been speculation that airlines are willing to raise prices based your browsing history, so it can sometimes can be difficult to know if you are getting a fair price.

France-based Darjeelin believes that the solution is to unleash an online army of travel experts to find you a price that you can accept. 

In order to use the service, you would enter your flight-dates, the price of the trip, and where you found the tickets. Setting that as the price to beat, Darjeelin draws from 300 experts from around the world to scour the web to find a better deal under the established conditions. Within 4 hours of the inquiry, the customer will receive their results. Either the customer has already discovered what is likely the best-possible price for that particular flight or the expert will come back with a cheaper option. If the customer selects the cheaper option, they end up paying 10% of the difference between flights as a fee to the expert (on top of the 0.99 Euro that they pay to search at all).

In addition to offering a price-verification service, Darjeelin allows customers to pay for professionals to find some of best-value flights, accomodations, and car-rental options. In this area, Darjeelin basically acts as a traditional online travel-agency, offering “travel coaches” to customer willing to pony up 20-100 Euro to plan the ideal trip.

Darjeelin is self-funded.

Within this market, Darjeelin is facing off against Australian-founded FlightFox, which claims more than 21K customers, sets fees starting at $49 for international, single-destination flights in economy class and goes up from there.

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