CreateTrips offers user-generated travel guides for your next big trip

createTripsWhen planning vacations, many people like to plan things out to make sure that they hit as many attractions as possible with minimum exhaustion. Finnish-founded CreateTrips, which launched on New Year’s Day in 2013 ‘for smart travelers’, has established itself in over a dozen countries as a social-service that allows people to plan and share content from trips with their friends and family online.

The company made headlines just a week ago when they announced that they have raised $600K from Frontier Consulting, Rkapital, and Butterfly Ventures to go from their current 18 markets and expand across the globe. More specifically, they are using the funding to increase their presence in the Middle East, Southeast Asia, and Australia.

One of the features promoted by CreateTrips is access to “Travelbooks”, which are essentially travel diaries created by bloggers or companies. Those who opt to create travel guides can share them with or sell them to other users, so it may be a nice way for serious travellers to raise some extra funds. Worth noting that CreateTrips uses maps from MapBox, which are created using data from Open Street Map.

The service is free, but iOS users can pay $3.79 to access the ability to use the service offline. One of the advantages that the company highlights is the ability to use the service without having to worry about local roaming charges if you do decide to go offline.

One of the primary differences between competing services in this market seems to be in the apps. Minube and Get Your Guide are available on Android and iOS, What Now?! and CreateTrip are iOS-exclusive, and AnyRoad is web-based.

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