Coursmos offers ‘micro-courses’ to impatient learners

coursmos-coverThe internet has offered unprecedented access to information just about any topic and may help quickly find the right course or seminar to learn more about an issue or a skill. However, the period of learning itself is often unchanged as it is not directly related to the process of ‘finding’ the URL to the information. Russian-founded and San Francisco-based Coursmos attempts to offer a solution to this issue by offering “micro-courses”, which are videos that usually only a few minutes long and often free.

In less than a year, Coursmos has reached 70K users (30K active) by offering videos by people such as Dave McClure, Tim Draper, and others. Courses, which number more than 1,500, cover topics ranging from startups to cooking to sports to languages and more. Within the catalog, users have the option of search for individual courses or taking a look at the theme-based collections that have been created if you are looking to immerse yourself in all their offerings on a particular topic.

Coursmos initially obtained $300K in pre-seed funding in January 2013 from Ukrainian incubator Happy Farm and private investors Viktor Belov and Eugene Medvednikov. They followed it up this week with a new round of seed funding from Russian venture fund Imperious Group and Medvednikov. Prior to launching Coursmos, Pavel Dmitriev and Roman Kostochka founded Razmir, a service for finding classes, in 2011. That service is also backed by Happy Farm, as they and Belov invested $570K in Razmir in 2013.

Buoyed by this latest round of funding, the company says that they are planning to develop a Netflix-like system to recommend courses based on the history and interests of users, improve their search-engine by converting video-content to text to make it searchable, adding YouTube integration, and incorporating in-browser video-editing tools for instructors. They also plan to build out their team.

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