Obli.co lets you fight through the clutter and meet the right people at conferences

oblico-mobilIn a conference venue hunderds, or sometimes thousands, of participants, it can be difficult to find the right people whom you should really be meeting. Adrian PIca, who organizes events as a global facilitator for Startup Weekend, founded Obli.co to deal with this very issue. Using LinkedIn and an algorithm, Obli.co tells users who is nearby and may be of interest to you.

The app, available for Android and iOS, is free, but Pica says that they intend to soon launch a premium version to enable users to potentially promote themselves more easily at events.

There are event-networking services like Bizzabo, Feathr, Pathable, and more in this market, but they require the organizer to create a list of people who will attend. Also, the app may work fine if you attend one event, but could then be worthless at another. The idea of alerting users to potential connections is not new, as Weave and Networkr have sprung up. However, both have entered this market within basically just the past few months and the latter is not yet available on Android.

Oblico just launched their apps for Android and iOS in May and Pica says that they have reached the 1,000-download mark. Pica tells us that his team, currently comprised of just 2 people, originally wanted to create a different event-oriented service, but they pivoted and ended up launching Oblico in January.

They do not have outside funding to this point, but they are currently in participated in the program run by Italian accelerator TechPeaks and are working to connect with potential investors. By the end of the year, they are also looking to expand to different cities and conferences.


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