Memeoirs turns your online conversations into books

memeoirs-bookIn decades past, when lovers and friends wrote to one another, they were left with a physical document that you could keep and cherish. We still have records of our correspondence through email, but for some, the sensation of touching the paper is something that has been lost.

Co-founders Fred Rocha, Giacomo Miceli, and Paulo Pinto became close friends a handful of years ago when they met in Italy and began to consider the idea of making books out of their online correspondence.

Memeoirs began as a service for printing and publishing email conversations and has expanded to include Facebook messages, Whatsapp, and more. Rocha tells Webrazzi that they are working to implement a number of improvements to their service, include designing new layouts and covers for the books, re-designing the interface that customers use to create the book, and to increase the number of social-networks and sites for which customers can order books.

Though not direct rivals, Walnuts and Social Memories offer services to those who to want to take online memories and turn them into something physical. Walnuts offers users the ability to make books from your Facebook comments and photos, while Social Memories allows you to publish your content on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more.

In order to get your hands on a Memeoir book, it’ll cost you $40 for paperback and $60 for a hard-cover version (+$20 for shipping). Messages must use Latin letters, but Rocha says that they are working to make the service accessible to those who write with non-Latin characters.

They obtained $40K in August 2012 by participating in the Startup Chile and more recently graduated from the first class at Italian accelerator TechPeaks. All told, they have $597.3K in funding, including a recent $300K in funding from Italy’s largest publisher, Gruppo Pozzoni (that was matched by a $257.3K equity-free grant from the Autonomous Province of Trento).

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