LaMetric’s personalized ticker for notifications stops you checking your phone every 5 minutes

lametricKickstarter campaigns are not often worth covering in their early stages, but the one organized by UK-based startup Smart Atoms has already proven to be an exception to the rule. Created by the Ukrainian duo of Nazar Bilous and Dmytro Baryskyy, Smart Atoms seeks funding for LaMetric, a smart-display that provides notifications, acts as a timer, and more.

They set out to obtain $69K in funding to begin production, but have already smashed that mark with 38 days left in the campaign. Having already raised more than $113K from 747 backers, they may easily reach the $250K-mark, which they have set as the high bar and would allow them to build larger monitors.

The LaMetric ticker is a 7x22cm box that can display anything from the time to sports scores to email alerts to a countdown-clock. The device is intended to be customizable, as users will be able to connect with IFTTT to receive a variety of personalized notifications.

They have announced that they have built a functioning prototype, so the concept is at least on the road to becoming a product for retail. However, Smart Atoms lists January, 2015 as their target for shipping to backers. Thus, it will be quite a while before consumers can get their hands on this device. When they can purchase it, the device will cost $90 and upwards.

Competitors include the L8 SmartLight and “like”-counter Fliike, which is developed by French startup Smiirl. Fliike, which is also in pre-launch, is a simple counter that stores can display in their windows to indicate the number of fans that they have on Facebook. L8 SmartLight is much more of a direct competitor to the planned LaMetric device, as it already offers users notifications that tip them off to new emails, Facebook alerts, and more. The difference here is that L8 SmartLight is more-simplistic, alerting users merely to the fact that they have some kind of message or call and letting them play with the others, among other functions.

The ticker under development by Smart Atoms seems to stand out by telling the user who is calling and providing text that offer greater, more-useful details.

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