CubeSensors lets you monitor the surrounding air and create the perfect conditions at home or the office

CubeSensors-koseSlovenian-founded CubeSensors wants to take advantage of technology to go to beyond thermometers and barometers by offering a cube that, unsurprisingly, monitors the surrounding air and provides data on ideal conditions for that particular room.

This startup burst onto the scene earlier this year when they took home $50K as part of their win during the inaugural TechCrunch Hardware Battlefield back in January. Now, backed by $700K in seed funding obtained last week from Nejc Kodric and Damijan Merlak, who co-founded leading Bitcoin-exchange Bitstamp, they are preparing to ship out the first batch to customers this summer.

Essentially, the cube marketed by CubeSensors wants to help you to maintain an ideal local environment, regardless of where you are. The cube monitors air quality, light, temperature, humidity, noise, and barometric pressure to analyze your environment and then feeds the results to you through an app that users will be able to download. In order to get the results, you would take the small cube, give it a shake, and see which color appears. If blue, you are fine. If red, users go to the app to see how they can change the temperature, level of light, or other factors to make that particular room more pleasant to use.

The cubes are pricey, ranging from $299 (+$60 for shipping and handling) for a 2-cube set to $599 (+$70 for shipping and handling) for 6, but it appears to be a nice little device that might be worth purchasing to make sure that you are living in true comfort.

The cubes are available for purchase by U.S. dollar, pound, Euro, and bitcoin. You can buy more cubes than come in the tradition packs, but it will set you back $99 for each additional and $149 for each extra base-station.
The team behind CubeSensors has bootstrapped to this point, but announced last week that they intend to direct the new funding towards expanding their team, increasing production capabilities, and developing new products.

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