Lithuanian lifestyle-magazine startup Llamas Valley looks westward to the US and the UK

LlamasValleyAbandoning a stable job to pursue your entrepreneurial dreams can be a frightening proposition to many, but for Alge Ramanauskiene and Eligijus Ramanausksas, the prospect of creating their own digital magazine proved to be too tempting to resist.

Having worked in the publishing and advertising industry for more than a decade, the duo decided to abandon their jobs and take the leap the plunge to build their own publishing startup. In 2011, they became one of three teams in the debut class of Lithuanian accelerator and they followed it up by obtaining funding from an angel investor (amount and identity of the backer are private).

The company has proven successful thus far, topping 60K users across Scandinavia and western Europe and 50K followers across their social-media accounts. The company currently offers two magazines, the English-language Llamas’ Valley and the Lithuanian-language Lamu Slenis, which Ramanauskiene claims is the most popular lifestyle-focused publication in Lithuania. Both magazines offer interior-design ideas, recipes, interviews, and other content designed to inspire people.

In order to access the magazines, you’ll need to download the iOS app for either (Android version set to launch this summer) and then purchase the magazine. You can get any issue for 4.99 Euro or subscribe for a year for 6.79 Euro (6 issues). Llamas Valley also raises money by selling ads and plan to implement other e-commerce solutions “based on a content-to-commerce model.”.

When asked about rivals, Ramanauskiene told us that they consider magazines such as US-based Lonny, Australian Est, and Swedish Trendenser to be their main competition in this market. Llamas Valley is available in English and Ramanauskiene says that most of their readership already hails from English-speaking markets, but they are nonetheless looking to boost their presence in the United States and United Kingdom.

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