Salary Fairy helps you get paid right

salary-fairy-logoOne of the most awkward aspects of any job interview can often be the moment when your prospective employer asks how much you expect to earn. Typically candidates will just give their current salary and add 5-10%, but they may be shortchanging themselves. Turkish-founded Salary Fairy has created a free platform to allow users to assess their financial value as a worker and to connect with employers willing to pay a fair wage.

For employers, the platform allows them to connect their LinkedIn and then receive an assessment based on their education, job history, and skills. The assessments come from other users, with guesses from users who maintain low-accuracy rates weeded out, and are then combined with an algorithm before being delivered to the user.

In addition to the salary prediction, users are given a detailed report with the origin of predictions and the job-titles of predictors. If users opt in to the “FairPay” program, their resume, career goals and a list of other salary offers will be made visible to prospective employers. Employers have access to the information, but only if they agree to pay the crowd-predicted price.

Many people who are currently employed do not typically wish to broadcast the fact that they are seeking new work and people are generally protective of their own privacy, so their identities are not revealed to those who make salary predictions or to prospective employers

There are plenty of career sites on the market, such as LinkedIn itself,, Careerbuilder, Indeed, and others, but Salary Fairy wants to not only make the connection, but to help workers to know that they are being paid what they are worth. The company claims 8K users since it launched in March. Co-founder Godze Aksay, who created the company with Cagri Aksay, tells us that they have bootstrapped to this point, but will seek funding once they have become established.

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