Google+ banned in Turkey [and reopened in an hour]

Google-plusTelecommunications Administration in Turkey (TİB) blocked the access to Google’s social networking site Google+. As is the official procedure in the country, Google+ URL is added to the TİB’s banned websites database and the below banner appears on the screen when someone wants to connect to the site within Turkey.

The reason of the blocking has not been disclosed yet. Legally, the legal reason must be revealed simultaneously with a relevant court order that has to be taken within a day.

UPDATE: The ban is now lifted. Some sources say the overall ban was a result of a ‘technical mistake’ (or clumsiness, if you like) when the TİB actually wanted to block some specific accounts within the social network but ended up blocking the entire website.

Google+ ban is the the last of a series of blocking operations by Turkish authorities. Twitter and YouTube had also been banned for months after serious corruption allegations and related videos about the Turkish AKP government started circulating across the social networks. The ban on both sites were later lifted following Constitutional Court’s ruling that overall blocking is against the law.


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