Healthcare appointment service Zesty to add other UK cities, targeting mainland Europe

zesty-logoStarted off as a service for booking dental appointments, Zesty has confidently broadened its reach and now allows users to book appointments with a variety of physicians. Since it launched in beta in May 2013, they have expanded to include appointments for not only dentists, but private GPs, podiatrists, chiropractors, and physiotherapists. By the end of the year, the company aims to include 25 specialties and expand out from London to the rest of the U.K. and possibly to Europe.

I took a look at their site and found it very simple to use, as you choose from a list of specialties, input a London area or postcode, and are then directed to all available appointments in a matter of seconds. They offer ratings for each physician listing, pricing, a list of available appointment times, so finding a reliable doctor at an appropriate time (and for free) is fairly straight-forward.

Within the British market, one of the most immediate competitors is Toothpick, which is backed by Passion Capital and a handful of private investors. The dentistry-focused startup left beta in April 2013 and offers access to 14K clinics and 72K appointments. Toothpick appears to have gained more traction to this point, but it is also more specialized. There are other medical-booking services, such as the popular American service ZocDoc, Polish DocPlanner ( operates in central and eastern Europe), and Moroccan Dabadoc, which we recently featured. However, Zesty appears to have the British market mostly to itself.

Zesty was initially funded with an unknown amount by co-founders Lloyd Price and James Balmain and then Mangrove Capital back in 2012. Just a few weeks ago, they obtained a further $2 million in seed funding from Ukraine-based TA Venture and Russia-based ABRT Fund.

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