Appy Kids aims to become leading Arabic and Hindi-language “edutainment” service

AppyKidsMost parents seek out books and materials to help in educating their children, but finding the content can sometimes prove difficult and especially so if you are trying to educate children about different cultures. In the case of Growl Media CEO Dinesh Lalvani, the desire was to find a way to teach his young children about Indian and Arabic cultures. But he found local content unsuitable. He then channeled his inner entrepreneur and set out to create his own materials and to eventually market it to the general public.

It has thus far proven to be a wise decision, as his Dubai-based company has $1 million in seed funding from local investors and has reached 420K downloads across all apps developed by subsidiary Appy Kids. They have also entered the classroom through a truly partnerships with more than 50 schools.

Appy Kids currently offers apps like Alfie, Haathi, and The Magic Bioscope, Appy Animals Arabic, Appy Animals Hindi, Appy Oceans Arabic, Zee’s Alphabet, Appy Oceans, Zee’s Alif Ba, and Alfie and Haathi Discover the Ocean. A couple of them have proven quite popular, as Alfie Animals Hindi is the #1 app for children 1-5 years old in 8 countries and Zee’s Alif Ba has become the #1 app for the same age-range in 18 countries.

At the moment, Appy Kids is not looking to raise revenue, as their apps are free and they do not use advertising. They started with apps when the company launched in 2013, but have recently begun to publish comics and a representative from the company tells me that they are in the process of creating books and webisodes. No word on when or how they intend to raise revenue.

Though not necessarily direct competitors, I am told that they look to brands like Nickelodeon, Disney, and PBS as benchmarks for the type (and quality) of content that they should be offering.

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