LazyPub eases the process of publishing documents and magazines

lazypub-coverAs reading with e-readers and tablets becomes increasingly popular, companies are faced with the need to publish whatever content they have, on Android, iOS, Kindle, etc. Whether they want to distribute publications to the general public or provide work documents to employees, they need to find a way to get the content out.

Services like Mag+ and MAZ offer the team and support needed to do this, but both charge several hundred dollars per month at the most basic levels. Greek-founded LazyPub, which launched in 2012, aims to provide the same service at a fraction of the price.

LazyPub allows users to publish starting at $99/month, whereas Mag+ charges $999 to publish a standalone issue or $499 per month for annual publications, and MAZ takes at least $299 per month to publish,. One thing to note is that LazyPub requires users to pay the first 6 months in advance, while the others allow clients to pay as they go.

The LazyPub service allows users to organize magazines and publications within their iOS Newsstand app or to publish their own content within branded apps. For those who opt to publish apps, the service provides user stats too, like the number of people who download the publication, how many times they open an issue, how much time they spend reading the publications, and which pages or articles are the most viewed.

Antonio Frigas, CTO at SQLearn, a development company specializing in e-learning that was founded in 2005, tells me that he has backed the company with 60K Euro to this point. The company, which current claims 10 corporate clients, operates within SQLearn, but will reportedly spin off once they have managed to gain sufficient traction.

Frigas says that, while they currently offer support for iOS, Android, and the web, they intend to eventually cover all mobile platforms.

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