Crowd Analyzer brings online sentiments analysis to the Arab world

crowd-analyzerMuch has been made in recent years by businesses to mine the data and monitor the behavior of their customers. Although the internet penetration and growth expectations are pretty high in mostly rich or emerging countries located around the Persian Gulf, not as much attention is paid to monitoring user attitudes in the Arabic world.

Backed by $500K from unnamed local investors, Crowd Analyzer aims to examine Arabic-language posts on social-media sites and tell businesses who the people are and how they feel in order to better target their marketing campaigns.

The algorithm, which thought up by Ahmed Saad and Bahaa Galal, first emerged in the summer of 2013 and offers companies insight into the location and gender of the users, in addition to the sentiments that they provide. Their original idea was to create an algorithm capable of simply understanding, but, following a win in the demo at Startup Weekend Giza 2013, they pivoted and are now planning to launch a mood-tracking service.

This is not a new concept, as existing competitors include UK-based Brandwatch and Radian6. Brandwatch, for its part, just a few weeks ago announced that it has raised $22 million to bring their total funding to $31.7 million. With 80 million users, they have established themselves as a strong leader in this market. However, team behind Crowd Analyzer is entirely comprised of people who hail from the Middle East and they believe that their algorithm and familiarity with various Arabic dialects allows for a stronger ability to differentiate between relevant and irrelevant content.

The service remains in private beta, so they have not yet gained a huge amount of traction. However, CCO Rooda AlNeama tells me that they have already attracted their first few paid users in advance of the upcoming full launch of the service. At the moment, there is no information available on pricing.

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