Everhour simplifies the process of time tracking

everhour_logoThe development of the Everhour service is a familiar startup story. The co-founders of Belarusian consulting firm Weavora initially wanted to find a tool for tracking the time of their team-members and, failing to do so, ended up just creating their own. Without outside investment, they launched the service in a private alpha in June 2013 and have since attracted 2,500 users.

Everhour is a time management tool offering detailed and customizable task insights. In order to get started, you are required to create an account through e-mail or Google+. Then, users can connect to Github, Trello, or Asana and begin tracking the time that team-members take to complete various tasks.

Pricing is pretty simple, offered to users completely free as they continue to improve functionality. They intend to keep the service free for individuals, but will charge teams $4 per member after that. For teams of 50 or more, they offer custom pricing and assistance with setting up the system.

The main competition in this market comes from Harvest and Estonian-founded Toggl. Everhour claims an advantage by allowing users to enter time without needing a drop-down list or additional windows, allowing them to analyze time spent on tasks in 3rd-party services, providing private tags, and offering the option to export task analytics to Google Drive for billable project-hours with Xero.

Mobile is an important sphere for most businesses these days and a representative from Everhour tells me that one of their next big moves is to release an iOS app. Other plans include upcoming integration with Basecamp and Pivotal Tracker and the potential development of an API.

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