realPad converts tablets into practical tools for real-estate developers

realPad-coverSince the iPad was introduced in 2010, companies have found various ways to interact with customers via the tablet. They have always been used in the office, but only recently in restaurants, at cashiers, etc. Czech realPad, launched in 2012, wants to help real-estate industry move into the modern age with CRM software dedicated to helping with presentations to clients and management of the business.

realPad first gained attention when they came in 3rd place at the 2012 edition of the Ukrainian IDCEE conference, but now they appear to be headed towards expansion. Backed by $12K in funding from Kamil Vacek, they have expanded internationally with an office in Krakow and are already setting their sights on western Europe. All told, they currently have 19 corporate clients in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Ukraine.

For $2K annually, realPad offers companies an interactive tool for selecting apartments, a mobile customer record, a database for sales, camera for construction sites, and so on. CEO Marian Skvarek tells me that they have tried to develop a service fully-tailored for real-estate and easily customizable to suit the differing needs of their clients.

Skvarek tells me that they have 19 corporate clients in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Ukraine. Despite stiff competition from more established services like Microsoft Dynamics and Israel-based Bmby, realPad has created a solid presence in central Europe and is looking to expand its offering for commercial real-estate firms. Microsoft is obviously a global brand, but Brnby appears to be more regionally-focused. Though based in Israel, they also maintain offices in Romania, Poland, Hungary, and Bulgaria and are therefore definitely a direct competitor to realPad in the region.

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