Wyliodrin makes it fun for students to program embedded devices

wyliodrin-logoProgramming an embedded device can seem like an impossible task to someone without extensive knowledge of programming languages. Learning to program devices can require years of study at a university and may require the student to invest a considerable of time or money into the task.

The team behind Romania-based Wyliodrin believes that programming embedded devices should be something anyone can enjoy. They have therefore developed a service that enables anyone to program a Raspberry Pi or Galileo and from anywhere. All users need for the service is an internet connection and a development board and they are good to go.

Wyliodrin, which mainly targets primarily students and hobbyists, offers visual programming and normal programming up to shell. The visual programming is designed to allow beginners to drag-and-drop blocks within their browser and then let Wyliodrin write the code for them. For more advanced users, there is a shell that they can open within the browser.

In any case, one of the more attractive aspects of this service is that the user does not even need to be near the device to program it. As long as the user has an internet connection, he or she can access the board and carry on with programming. Accounts, which can be set-up by signing in with Facebook, Github, or Google, are free for students and hobbyists, but fee-based for educators and professionals. At the moment, pricing information is not available.

Some competitors include LabVIEW, Scratch for Arduino, Codebender, and Cloud 9. Wyliodrin wants to stand out by allowing users to program on as many boards and in as many languages as possible.

Co-founder Alexandru Radovici tells me that they have attracted 600 users with little marketing efforts and that they are aiming to launch later this year. The project is self-funded, but they received $5K as winners of the IXIA Innovation Award at last year’s How To Web conference and are seeking investors.

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