YouTube ban lifted in Turkey following Constitutional Court ruling

youtube-ban-turkeyThe ban on YouTube in Turkey has been lifted upon the ruling of Constitutional Court. The court declared on May 29th that an overall ban on the access to web platforms violates personal freedoms and right to access to information.

The URL of Youtube is also removed from the web page of government’s telecom regulator Telecommunications Administration (TİB) that hosts a search engine showing banned websites in the country.

Webrazzi learned that TİB has started to send a communiqué to ISPs instructing them to release the access to YouTube. Two ISPs that Webrazzi is subscribed to have already stopped blocking.

The highest court in Turkey has ruled last thursday that a ban on YouTube which was introduced almost 2 months ago by the Turkish government, is violating personal freedoms and the site must be opened to access at once.

The Constitutional Court’s verdict, taken upon the individual appeals placed by YouTube, Turkish Bars Association and some opposition party members, was then communicated to Ministry of Transportation and regulatory Directorate of Telecommunications Affairs for further action.

The video platform was banned by the Turkish government on 27th of March this year. It came as a reaction to some video alleging very serious corruption and misconduct by high level government official including the prime minister R.T. Erdoğan, some ministers and their sons.

YouTube blockage, for example, came hours after a key security meeting was held in the foreign ministry’s office to discuss leaks on the internet of voice recordings of high-level officials, where the ministers and the chief of intelligence agency of Turkey had allegedly been heard talking about the Syrian issue.

The video sharing site has not been the only web platform that suffered the wrath of the AKP-ruled government of Turkey, which is criticized of being increasingly authoritarian in recent years. Twitter was also banned last March, a few weeks before YouTube, because many ‘allegations’ are distributed via the microblogging site. The ban was lifted after two weeks upon a Constitutional Court ruling, again, sayign that the ban is unconstitutional.

According to index site, there are now over 40,700 banned URLs in Turkey and the figures is rising.

Image: Shutterstock/PiXXart

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