Ukrainian DJ marketplace GigMngr prepares for expansion to Poland, neighbours

gigmngrWhen booking a band or DJ for a wedding or a party, people typically just go online or through a wedding planner. In Ukraine, a trio of entrepreneurs wants to make it easier for customers to find the perfect band at the right price by creating a marketplace for DJs and musicians to offer their services.

CEO Evgeniy Shestopal, who launched the company in 2013 with co-founders Ignat Thorovskiy and Andrii Bichkovsky, tells that they have been kicking around the idea of providing a marketplace for musicians and DJs for years, but never ended up going anywhere with it. Finally, they decided in 2013 that the timing was right and GigMngr was born.

The service is still in beta, but I found out their site that you can go on their site and search for DJs, bands, or singers in a variety of musical genres. Prices and cities of origin are provided for nearly all of the artists, so it is basically just a matter of finding a suitable DJ or band. Possibly the best aspect of this service is the fact that you can listen to samples of each artist through SoundCloud, so that you are not left with some band or DJ that you don’t really want.

Like other marketplaces, GigMngr raises revenue by taking a 5-7% cut on each deal made. According to Shestopal, they have 2,000 artists from Ukraine and 1,000 from Poland (and their site indicates that some are registered in Russia, Moldova, Belarus, etc.). They have $20K in backing from Kiev-based incubator EastLabs, but are in the process of raising a seed round in order to fund their expansion to Poland and neighboring countries in Europe.


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