EverythingMe is your all-purpose launcher for Android

everythingmeIt is not often that a service exits beta with more than 2 million users, but that is exactly what EverythingMe did in February 2014. As the name suggests, the Israeli-founded service is an Android launcher that wants to know you and anticipate your next move.

EverythingMe acts as a predictive service that studies the apps that you use (and when) and then brings them up for you when it thinks that you will want to access them. It arranges apps on your screen into smart folders, such as “Sports” or “Around me”, and rotates them based on the time of day and your location.

In addition to managing apps, EverythingMe offers ‘cards’ with information relevant to your plans, location, or the time of day, and a search engine that allows you to search through contacts, apps, and the web by inputing as little as a single character.

On Android, the most obvious competitor is Google Now, which was introduced by Google in 2012 in line with the launch of Android 4.1 (or “Jelly Bean”). Like EverythingMe, it is a predictive service that takes your data and offers you information when it believes that you want it. The main difference is that Google retrieves data from the apps you use, your location, your movements, and other data to deliver you information exclusively through cards. A couple of advantages that Google might hold are that they take data from your use of Google’s own services, possibly allowing for more predictive cards, and that Google Now is available on iOS and on the computer. EverythingMe, in comparison, is Android-exclusive.

Another competitor on Android is Cover, which also claims to offer users the appropriate app at the right time of day. Although the concept is familiar, Cover allows users to enter or ‘peek into’ apps directly from the lockscreen or switch directly between apps while using the phone. The main difference here is that cover does not offer EverythingMe’s search feature or “smart folders”.

EverythingMe should not have trouble with funds, having raised $37 million in funding from investors such as Telefonica Ventures, Draper Fisher Jervetson, SingTel Innov8, Horizons Ventures, DJF Tamir Fishman Ventures, BRM Capital, and Mozilla since the company was founded in 2010. The last one is significant as, although EverythingMe is currently Android-exclusive, they are bringing their software to Firefox OS, an open-source operating system that comes with entry-level smartphones in Europe and Latin America.

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