Digital ad spending booms in Europe, with Russia and Turkey showing highest growth

digital-europeDigital advertising market in Europe seems pretty confident in contrast to other sectors’ timidity in spending. Latest IAB (Interactive Advertising Bureau) report shows that the digital ad spendings have boomed in 2013, rising 11.9% to €27.3 billion ($36.4 billion). Mobile advertising, though, showed the most dramatic growth with 128.5%.

As a result of the incredible growth, mobile ad spendings has for the first time reached double-digit figures, making 11.5% of all digital ad expenditures in Europe. Another first is that the ad investments in online video has surpassed €1 billion mark, totaling €1.19 billion.

According to eMarketer, the United Kingdom is the leading digital ad market in Europe with €7.4 billion. Germany, France and Russia follows with €4.7 billion, €3.5 billion and €1.8 billion, respectively.

Of the total spendings on digital ads, the search engines have continued to be the top platform for ad-givers, creating the half of the revenues with €13.4 billion in 2013.


Across Europe as a whole, the most impressive growth rates have been seen in Russia (26.8%) and Turkey (24.3%), two of the very promising markets where the potentials are just being discovered by advertisers and brands.

eMarketer estimates that digital ad spending in Europe will go further up till $32 billion this year.

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