Turkish Constitutional Court declares YouTube ban unlawful [Updated]

youtube-censorHigher court in Turkey has ruled that the overall ban on YouTube which was introduced almost 2 months ago by the Turkish government, is violating personal freedoms and the site must be opened to access at once.

The Constitutional Court’s verdict, taken upon the individual appeals placed by YouTube, Turkish Bars Association and some opposition party members, is said to have been already communicated to Ministry of Transportation and regulatory Directorate of Telecommunications Affairs for further action.

Normally the government should obey with the rulings of the Constitutional Court and restore the access to the video sharing site. However, the AKP government of Turkey has previously ignored several court orders about YouTube blocking and upheld  the ban whşch was first introduced on 27th of March this year.

The government has launched the crackdown on popular social networks and web platforms in Turkey after several corruption allegations have published there alongside voice and video recordings depicting high level government officials, including the prime minister Erdoğan, some of his family members, ministers and high level bureaucrats, discussing bribery, hiding of huge amounts of unregistered money, conducting fake attacks to Turkish borders etc.

YouTube blockage, for example, came hours after a key security meeting was held in the foreign ministry’s office to discuss leaks on the internet of voice recordings of high-level officials, where the ministers and the chief of intelligence agency of Turkey have allegedly been heard talking about the Syria issue and discussing the possibilities of conducting a fake attack to Turkish borders from the Syrian side.

UPDATE: Information Technologies Institution under the regulating Telecommunications Administration of Turkish government, said on Friday that they have not received yet the order from the court and, when they did, they will take care of the issue, meaning we may expect the two-month censorship on YouTube in Turkey be lifted soon.

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