BuzzTale is a productivity tool spicing up training sessions and work conferences

buzztale-logoIntra-office communication can be pretty boring. Unlike the services that people typically use to communicate in their private time, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and others, businesses tend to use email as the primary messaging tool and therefore have a more difficult time engaging employees.

Latvian BuzzTale, which originally launched last July as a competitor with Storify, wants to provide an employee-motivation tool by helping people to have fun at work by creating interesting “stories” to share with each other.

As a case study for the service, as executive from one of BuzzTale’s largest customers, Nordic telco Tele2, says that they run an annual series of conferences and they decided to incorporate BuzzTale into one of their events. They opened the service up before the conference began and managed to obtain input from participants regarding expectations for the event and then users were later able to pose questions in a more informal manner through the app. In addition to Tele2, BuzzTale claims Management Events and the Up Group as notable clients. In all, the company reports that they have “several thousand” customers.

It is free story-creation tool at the moment, but the company makes money by charging businesses for enterprise support. CEO Andris Berzins tells me that they intend to roll out a standard pricing model in the near future.
The service could be useful to any business, but Berzins says that they are really looking to help companies with 100+ employees to spice up large meetings and conferences by adding text, photos, and videos to records of the event (and there are moderation tools, so hopefully any potentially inappropriate content would get blocked).

The company was born out of the Latvian accelerator eegloo, which itself is less than a year old, and has since obtained an undisclosed amount of funding from a local Latvian angel investor. They completed the Startup Sauna program in autumn 2013 and have since joined Seedcamp, so they’re making a bit of a tour of accelerators.

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