Ubertesters wants to become one-stop shop for mobile app beta-testing

ubertestersFew things can kill the popularity of a mobile app so quickly other than bugs and crashes. Developers put the app through beta testing to try and work out issues before launch, but it can be a long, tedious process. Ubertesters, which took home 15K Euro as the big winner at the 2013 IDCEE conference in Kiev in November and officially launched a few weeks later, wants to offer customers a platform for addressing bugs in mobile apps, assigning tasks, and pushing versions of the app to testers.

Although there are global beta-testing services like uTest and test-management services like TestFlightHockeyApp, and Crashlytics, Ubertesters aims to offer developers both services and become the most comprehensive platform available. The company claims 200 clients at the moment, including major brands such as Orange, Verizon, T-Mobile, Porsche, SageIntuit,Houzz, and more.

CEO Ran Rachlin told Webrazzi that the inspiration for this service came to his co-founder Alexey Chalimov, who previously worked as CEO of GetTaxi in the U.S. While managing the company, Chalimov found that managing a QA team and obtaining feedback for their mobile app from global testers was a huge pain. Thus, they decide to team up and develop a service that others could use to avoid similar problems.

The Ubertesters platform works by allowing developers to push versions of the app over-the-air to specific testers, receive real-time crash reports, and assign tasks to people on their team. A full list of features can be found here, but one of the most significant advantages is that teams of up to 5 members (or teams working on 2 projects) have completely free access to many basic aspects of the service. For “indie” teams, prices start at $19 per month.

Rachlin says that they are currently building their network of testers and intend to expand their offerings for analytics to provide data to developers at the production stage, in addition to the current pre-production service. Last month, the company announced full integration with Jira, in addition to prior integration with Redmine and YouTrack.

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