Where does Amman stand in MENA startup scene? [Infographic]

jordan-thumbThanks to a very young population and lots of oil-money, the MENA region is growing fast in mobile penetration, e-commerce and digital investments. The demand for internet services is booming, as is the need to cultivate a self-sustaining business scene catering to Arab speaking audience around the world. With a stable economy that is much less dependent on oil revenues unlike many of its cousins, and a governmental policy that has led digital to create 12% of country’s GDP, Jordan vies for a leadership position in the Arab world.

An infographic prepared by Innovative Jordan in collaboration with Int@jOasis500Silicon Badia and Kharabeesh, has more impressive figures demonstrating Jordan’s achievements. For example, it has arisen to become number one place in the MENA region since 2001 in number of tech deals funded and second in amount of funds invested. Between 2001 and 2012, 900+ tech companies and startups have been founded in the country creating 84,000 new jobs (6% of total Jordanian labour force). It’s also the center of Arabic content creation.

With ongoing support from local and international investors, Amman is now successfully establishing itself a regional tech-hub, attracting tech people and startıps from across the region. You can find more details in the below infographic. Click on it to make it bigger.


via Wamda

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