Keeeb wants to make it even easier to clip and share content on the cloud

keeeb-logoBookmarking and saving content locally on computers has long been one of the preferred route for keeping track of files and links, but the founders of German Keeeb want to change that. In 20 December 2011, Konrad Gulla and Jorg Bittel launched a service to enable users to save anything on the cloud. And with 50K users having saved 6 million pieces of content on it, it appears that they made a wise choice.

Using Keeeb is pretty simple, as you can quickly register and then download the plugin for your browser of choice. Once the user has registered and set things up, they have an unlimited amount of file-space in which they can create public or private folders (also unlimited in number), collaborate with others, or just browse collections of content that others have created.

Gulla tells me that Keeeb’s free service is competing for users with competitors like Icebergs and Dragdis (which we recently featured here). For the basic user, there is not a huge difference between the services. You register, download the plugin for your preferred browser, and begin clipping content that you wish to save. However, there are some differences between the services that are worth nothing.

One of the main differences between Keeeb and Icebergs is that the former is completely free, while Icebergs charges $9/month for those who wish to use more than 0.5GB of space or more than 2 “icebergs”. Icebergs offers a basic service, but it seems that professionals are the type of users who would be willing to pay $108 annually for a bookmarking tool.

Further, while each service allows users to share content to Facebook or Twitter pretty painlessly, Keeeb differs from Dragdis in that the former allows for sharing bundles of content. Dragdis users can collaborate with teams, but I was not able to find an option for sharing folders when I used the service. Another notable difference here is that Dragdis is a simple bookmarking service, while Keeeb allows users to explore “Keeebs” that others have created.
Gulla tells me that the current version is free and always will be, but they will soon launch an ‘enterprise’ edition with additional features. No word yet on what will be included in the new version, but users should keep an eye out for it.

The company’s development efforts have been made possible by the $1.02 million that they have obtained in funding to this point. Gulla says that they are in the process of closing another round, but nothing is yet official and there is therefore no specifics available.

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  1. Ildergreier |

    I adore Keeeb it is Pinterest with brains, the clipper is genius, it takes everything, not only images, if they could add rich media options when writing a note, a “share to Keeeb” withing the Android system and give us tags (I know a lot of people won’t use keeeb because the lack of tags), this could be THE web clipping service for very many people. Ist visual interface is gorgeous, very springpad like.


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