Intel buys part of Ginger Software to develop its own personal digital assistant

Ginger-IntelGinger Software, an Israeli company who develops various English language processing tools, has agreed to sell its personal assistant technology to Intel. As part of the deal, the 16-strong team that works on the technology will move to Intel’s offices in Tel Aviv to help the chipmaker to develop its own customer-oriented artificial intelligence products.

The rest of the company who currently employs over 50 people, will continue working independently on the other products of the company under the leadership of current CEO Maoz Shacht.

Founder Yael Krov, who had been managing the innovation leg of the business is also joining Intel to head the chip-maker’s efforts to own a full-fledged personal assistant which is believed to be very similar to Siri of Apple.

The amount of money promised to the partners of Ginger Software has not been disclosed, but Geektime reports it to be between $10-20 million whereas TechCrunch says it may well be as high as $30 million.

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