Weekdone wants to remove the hassle of tracking worker productivity

weekdone-mobileWithin the past year, Estonian Weekdone won the ‘lightweight’ category and emerged as a simple solution for companies seeking to manage projects and track worker productivity.

The service was launched in beta in January 2013 by the team of Juri Kaljundi, Janek Hiis, and Veli-Johan Veromann and now claims 10K users in hundreds of teams. In order to find out about how Weekdone came about, I spoke with Kulli Koort about company’s past, the service, and what sort of plans they have.

Weekdone is a service that aims to take the hassle out of completing projects by offering a central hub for employees to report to managers and managers to evaluate employees. From their end, managers can add employees to the group, assign tasks, measure the progress of each team-member, and submit personal messages. Conversely, employees can check on assignments left to be completed, rate their experiences, and submit feedback to the managers.

The highlight of the Weekdone platform is the dashboard, which offers breakdowns of the progress of and issues with various employees and the overall happiness of the team and provides a forum for discussing plans and other issues. The service is available on Android and iOS users, too, so users can check on projects while on the go.

The Weekdone is free to startups with up to 3 employees and fairly expensive beyond that. Startups with more than 3 employees can opt for the 30-day free trial and then pay $29/month for teams up to 10 users, $69 month for teams up to 25, and $129 for teams up to 50. Companies with more than 50 users can contact Weekdone to negotiate a fee, but they are generally paying a monthly rate of $2-3 per person.

Koort tells me that the company is currently funded by the 3 founders and though a $200K investment from KIMA Ventures, Ahti Heinla, and others. She says that they are considering raising a round later this year, but there is nothing official yet. For now, Koort says that the basic mission of the company is to grow. They believe that they have a solid product and are currently trying to acquire customers.

Koort tells me that they are competing against various services, such as task-managers Asana and JIRA, CRMs like Salesforce, and project-management platforms like Basecamp and that the advantage of Weekdone is in its simplicity and intuitiveness. However, Weekdone also bills itself as a complementary tool to the aforementioned services. Users of multiple services have the ability to import data from or export to the Weekdone platform and to create visually-appealing graphs.

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