FourChords makes mark as popular guitar tutorial service

FourChords-logoHaving reached 300K downland, 2 million jam sessions, and 100K weekly active users in 2 years, Finnish guitar-lesson app FourChords is emerging as one of the most popular musical-tutorial services on the market. Launched in 2012 by developer Musopia, the service is designed to encourage people with no musical background to take up the guitar and starting playing.

The Fourchords app provides guitar lessons to users of various skill-levels. Features highlighted include acoustic backing tracks to guide players, the ability to adjust song tempos within the app, the ability to record and share sessions, and TapGuitar, a function that allows players to play songs on their iPads and iPhones.

The service is free initially, but users must pay if they wish to unlock additional songs ($20 to unlock them all or a few dollars each for song packs). Musopia CMO and co-founder Paula Lehto told methat they offer 350+ ‘easy’ songs for those interested in starting out on the guitar. Finally, players interested in going offline can also download free chord charts through the FourChords site.

Investors with a passion for guitar music have been there for FourChords. Lehto said Musopia is backed with an unnamed amount by business angels, Finnish IT company Reaktor Polte, and Finnish tech fund Tekes.

In addition to the guitar app, she says that the company plans to launch apps called “ChordShaker” and “FourChords Ukelele” this summer and that they are working to develop further instrument-tutorial services. When asked about competitors, Lehto told me that they are up against guitar-learning apps like Guitar! by Smule and Ultimate Guitar, as well as various coaches on YouTube.


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