European tech blog raises €150K from angels, one of the very few tech blogs that covers the European tech scene with in-depth analyses in English, has raised €150,000 of seed funding from a group of individual angel investors that include Startups and Adeo Rossi of Founders Institute from the Silicon Valley.

Co-founded in late 2013 by Robin Wauters, an ex-TechCrunch writer and The Next Web editor, distinguishes itself with insightful and research-based articles on the European tech industry, while consciously sacrificing high traffic figures and the ad money that would follow easy-to-consume news pieces.

Wauters, who tweeted ‘(this is) only the beginning’, said to TechCrunch said to TechCrunch that they raised funding because they didn’t want to have to focus on getting as much traffic and advertising money as possible from day one, and to build a sustainable business that doesn’t necessarily rely on that.

In addition to McClure and Rossi, the incomplete list of investors also include Tim O’Shea, Doug Scott, Toon Vanagt, Cedric Kutlu, T-REGS, Simon McDermott, Oriol Juncosa, Daniel Waterhouse and Carlos Eduardo Espinal.

The founding team of writers and entrepreneurs behind, who are ‘devoted to highlighting the innovation that is happening all across Europe, and reporting on the trials and tribulations of its technology industry from a big-picture perspective’ as the website puts it, also include Alex Barrera, Ivo Spigel, Roxanne Varza, Jon Bradford and Adrian McShane.

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