Tech startup’s guide to European accelerators and incubators


For most of the visionary but broke and inexperienced tech entrepreneurs, accelerators and incubators are still the most viable sources of mentorship and cash to pay for electricity and pizzas. Though they keep growing in number and the size of funding for startups continues to increase, they are still scarce, given the huge number of entrepreneurs out there seeking tech funds.

Acceptance rates to accelerator programs are really low, even lower than average in Europe. So, it is crucial to do your homework and carefully study which accelerator offers the resources that play to your best advantage, and how you must pitch to them.

To make the task a bit quicker we compiled a list of startup accelerators and incubators in Europe with short descriptions of each. Be sure to take a look at them all to have a better idea.

If you are an accelerator and/or incubator that does not appear on our list, please feel free to contact us with your details.


Seedcamp claims to be one of the most connected international seed investor in the world, leading micro-seed investment and mentoring program in Europe. 

Since Launched in 2007, Seedcamp has 100+ of Europe’s most promising startups in its portolio and invests in about 20 startups globally every year.


Startupbootcamstartupbootcamp-logop offers a 3-month accelerator program based on mentorship model. It provide essential physical tools too, including €15,000 for living expenses during the program, a space in a shared office for 6 months, some sponsored facilities and pitching opportunity to over 400 investors at Investor Demo Day.


springboard-logoTechStars Springboard
It invests in over 30 companies every year, with friendly investment terms for between 3-6% equity stake. London-based partnership provides a office space, seed capital, free services and one-on-one support from over 100 experienced entrepreneurs and investors.


PrintNDCR Launchpad
It’s Ireland’s first digital accelerator program. During an intensive 12-week period, participants are offered basic office supplies, weekly workshops and networking with thought leaders and micro-seed investment of up to €20k per venture.


propelllerventure-logoPropeller Venture Accelerator Fund
It provides 5 month accelerator program in Dublin’s Silicon Docks and €30,000 cash up-front for 7.5% of ordinary equity shares. It recruits 12 top companies in two cycles in a year.


Startup Wise Guys
Startup-Wise-Guys-logoIt offers 3+1 month program, seed investment, mentors and an established business network. It aims to connect enterprises and startups to large target markets and help them launch first pilots with international companies. Their key specialties are payments, banking and security, which reflects well Estonian business landscape.


Plug and Play Accelerator Valencia
plugandplay-logoIt’s a 3-4 months program that include structured workshops, speaker series, mentorship sessions and active coaching. Participants are eligible to receive an investment of up to €60,000 upon acceptance and they will be able to attend the program free of charge at company facilities.


International Create Challenge
create-challenge-logoIt’s a free, 3-week immersive super accelerator program that requires entrepreneurs to develop a minimum viable product. It combines mentors-lead coaching, micro-seed investment and a star prize of more than CHF 100,000. The project selection is focused around the IM2/Idiap domains of research and technologies.


A leading Scandinavian startup accelerator offering customized expertise, investment,Accelerace-logo and network to help start-ups succeed through a 5-month customer driven and operational program. It has spotted, trained and invested in more than 200 startups since 2008, via its programs held in 6 offices in Denmark.


They invest in companies registered and operating in Greece but pursuing international goals. They give physical and mentorship support to participating teams in achieving their initial goals quickly and efficiently, and provide follow-on capital as these are met.



They invest a fixed amount in the company for a period of 1 year. The startup keeps 70% of equity, whereas 3% goes to the advisors and 27% to the HackFwd. They take care of the legal and admin stuff as well.


They offer startups seed funding up to €15,000 in seed funding and deal with the legal, administrative, hassles and distractions of setting up a company. In return they take 8% equity stake.


LeCamping-logoLe Camping
It’s the 1st startup accelerator in France, offering 4-month long very intensive program to lift young startups to international level.


Event series started in Estonia in 2010 and have expanded to Northern Europe and Africa since then. All participants gather together in a big room and pitch about 30 to 40 ideas on stage. About 12-15 ideas are selected and teams start working.


Startup Yard
startupyard-logoIn exchange for participating in the program, StartupYard receives 5% of the capital of the startup. For another 5%, the founders can receive an investment of €10,000. Accomodation in Prague and lunches for 3 months are provided free.


Oxygen-Accelerator-logoOxygen Accelerator
13-week intensive mentor-led bootcamp for technology start-ups, that provides up to €7,000 funding per founder (max 3), collaborative office space, training, support after graduation to close an investment round.


ignite 100
Three accelerator programs (summer, autumn, winter) each up toignite100-logo 18 weeks long, backed by a group of investors. It provides a straight £18,000 per team in return for 6% to 9% in equity. Workspace for up
to six months is provided free of charge.


The Cantillon
Launched in early 2014, the French accelerator offers a lengthy entrepreneurship programthecantillon in ‘The Institute’ for those who want to build their own company, have the resources for it, but lack necessary knowledge, experience and mentorship.


The French accelerator positions itself as a long term, strategic and minority shareholder. thefamily-accelerator-logoThey operate under two programs, namely, the Family Fellowship and the Family Reboot.


It offers a complete Seed Funding Venture Program for entrepreneurs with technology-based startups at seed stage. They provide access to mentors, experts, investors and business angels.


Accelerator Academy
acceleratoracademy-logoIt’s a 12 week high-growth training and mentoring program for early stage startups with high growth potential in tech, media and telecoms (TMT).  Accepted applicant companies pays a fee of £600 for the full 12 week course, to be refunded when businesses complete the program successfully and raise investment within 3 months.


It’s a Baltic startup accelerator offering a 13-week intense program that combines up to €14K funding distributed among founders, business advice from international mentors, access to follow up funding, markets and more against a 7.5% equity.


elevenventure-logoA Bulgarian accelerator that combines a 3+3 month program for early stage high-potential startups. They provide all technical resources, mentorship and office space as well as €25,000 support, for an 8% equity stake in the startup.


prosiebensat1-logoProSiebenSat1 Accelerator
ProSiebenSat.1 Media’s 3-month program provides funding, mentoring, office space and access to one of Europe’s largest media networks. Accelerator startup receives €25,000 funding in return for 5% equity.


gamefounders-logoThey provide 3-months of free office space in Tallinn, 80+ gaming gurus and developers as mentors, access to gaming investment funds, VCs and angels and a seed capital up to €15k (5k per founder present in Estonia) for a 9%.


betaFACTORY-LogoModeled after Techstars and YCombinator, betaFACTORY is an indepedent accelerator collborating with many of the key players in the Norwegian startup ecosystem. CapitalbetaFACTORY invests about 100 kNOK in each company enough to test the initial idea.


luissenlabs-logoThey offer 5 months acceleration program twice a year with €30k investment and additional facilities to each of the selected startups. It’s owned and operated by LVenture Group, a VC listed at Milan Stock Exchange, in the premises located at the very center of Rome.


StartupBus Europe
startupbuseurope-logoStartupBus is a hackathon where entrepreneurs from Europe compete to build a next-gen tech company over the course of a 3-day bus ride. After the competition ends, ‘buspreneurs’ rush back to their hometowns to set up their business and startup community.


Huge Thing
huge_thing_smallA 6-months 2-phase business acceleration program that starts with intense entrepreneurship training. After the participants create the minimum viable product, the best teams are given a small seed funding of 30.000 PLN for 10% of the company and another 3 months of acceleration.

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