Aslanoba Capital buys minority stake in Webrazzi

webrazzi-aslanoba1Webrazzi announced today that it partners with Aslanoba Capital,a leading VC in Turkey, to expand its operations across Eastern European and the MENA region. As a part of the deal, Hasan Aslanoba, founder and the CEO of Aslanoba Capital has acquired 15% of existing Webrazzi shares from Arda Kutsal, founder of the weblog.

The partnership is expected to boost the leading Turkish tech blog’s growth to become the leading regional provider of high-quality technology news content and networking events on an international level. Arda Kutsal will continue to lead the Webrazzi team, remaining the largest shareholder as well as the CEO of the company, and the editorial independence of Webrazzi will remain.

Founder and CEO Arda Kutsal released a statement about the partnership. Here it is:

Webrazzi has always been on the national and international radar of media groups, investment funds and individual investors. Thanks to our rapid growth within the country and increasing awareness of our brand in the international arena, we have been offered partnerships and acquisition deals by several prestigious companies almost every year since our foundation in 2006.

“The timing had never felt right until today. The synergy between Webrazzi and Aslanoba Capital will strengthen our presence through larger-scale sponsorships and media partnerships across Europe and the Middle East.

Webrazzi is turning 8 this year. Throughout these years we have not only witnessed the birth of Turkey and the region’s start-up ecosystem, but have also proudly supported them to remain a rapidly growing industry. That has been one of our major accomplishments. Webrazzi events are also very instrumental in this process.

It all started with a dinner in San Francisco in 2008, hosting 30 guests under the sponsorship of Nokta Investment. This small-scale dinner marked the first step in launching Webrazzi Conferences, the Webrazzi Meetup event held in June 2008. It was also when Arda Kutsal invited Mike Butcher, the editor of TechCrunch Europe, to Istanbul to deliver a speech. We had not yet met in person, but luckily Mike accepted my offer and joined our first event.

In 2010 we hosted the first Webrazzi Summit, Turkey’s leading and best known internet and tech summit, with the participation of several international figures delivering talks to a an audience of 1500 people.

Finally, we want to give our special thanks to our great readers who have always been with us in this journey.

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