Vid! app makes looping videos social and viral

VidLogoWebrazziVid!, an iOS app that allows user to partially edit and share looping videos, has been launched today with backing from a notable group of angel investors contributing nearly $1.2 million of seed funding.

Angel investors include Masao Tejima, president of OpenTable Japan, Sharmila Mulligan, Silicon Valley veteran hailing from HP and Netscape, David Kellogg, Daniel Terry, CEO, Pocket Gems, among others. The angel round also includes investment from Storm Ventures, Tenex Capital Fund, DBO Capital and the Orrick Venture Fund.

Founded in 2013 by Veysel Berk, the company has focused its efforts so far making short-video content, made very popular by Vine, more social. The app enables people to collaborate and socialize short, looping videos. Shooting a short-form video (6 seconds), importing Vine videos and applying fast and slow motion (or mixture of both) to them are among the features, but the ‘social’ is key to this iOS app.

User can add comments and hashtags on video clips, share via Twitter, Facebook, SMS or e-mail and pass along for friends to collaborate. Geo-location feature also serves to social aspect, enabling users to invite people nearby, like the ones in a concert or a sports event, to add their own footage creating a collage of short-form videos from the same event.

Just like any other social network, Vid! also allows users to browse – or submit to- thematic channels (15 as of today), and explore popular people and tags. Again, the users can follow your account and your posts only if you allow them to.

Sanjay Subhedar, managing director of seed-funder Storm Ventures said Vid!’s social capabilities combined with the popular short-form video format, leads to high volumes of engagement, something creators love, making it inherently viral. He said he is attracted to Vid! also because micro-content genre it works on appeals to younger mobile users, a highly sought after market for advertisers.

The Android version of the app will be available later this year.


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