Samsung Galaxy S5 comes with free Deezer music in Europe

samsung-deezerSamsung and Deezer have teamed up to offer the premium music service to Galaxy S5 users. Those who buy the new flagship device by Samsung Mobile will have free access to Deezer’s Premium+ package for a period of 6 months.

Deezer is primarily seeking to beef up its customer base by offering a long trial period for buyers of the rather pricey Galaxy S5. After six months, the users will have to pay the standard fee if they want to continue using the service.

The French company expects a considerable proportion of these active users to stay with the music provider as paying subscribers. 5 out of 16 million active users of Deezer are currently paying customers.

The Premium+ package from Deezer normally costs €9.99 a month, with no ads and no teasers. The offer will be available in European countries, excluding Deezer’s very own, France.

Samsung, on the other hand, apparently seems keen to move towards freemium services that will bolster its hardware sales, instead of generating revenues directly from of them.

Last month it launched Milk, a free music streaming app very similar to Pandora, for its Galaxy users in the United States, again with no plan of attaching a price tag in foreseeable future. Samsung plans to keep Milk separate from Europe, while extending its partnership with Deezer to other Samsung smartphones and tablets in very near future.

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