Facebook adds content restrictions to its 2nd Government Request Report

Facebook-Government-RequestsFacebook has released the second of its semi-annual Government Requests Reports revealing the nature and extent of government requests Facebook received and how it responded to them.

Covering the second half of 2013, the new report now includes information ‘not only about government requests for account information, but also about government requests to restrict or remove content from the service on the grounds that it violates local law’, the blog post reads.

According to the report, India ranked first in the requests for the removal or restriction of content, with 4765 applications. Turkey comes second with 2014 requests. These two countries are far ahead of the rest of the world in censorship. Pakistan, for example, comes third in the list with just 162 requests.

In terms of request for user data, United States leads the world with 12598 petitions, followed by India (3598), United Kingdom (1906), Italy (1699), Germany (1687) and France (1661). The percentage of requests for which some data produced and delivered by Facebook seems to be pretty high for the United States (81%) and the United Kingdom (71.3%).

Facebook admits in the report that sometimes they restrict the content only in the requesting countries to comply with their local laws, even if they conclude that the said content actually does not violate company rules. It says they don’t remove content from the service entirely unless they determine that it violates community standards. In most cases, the press release says, they provide only basic information like name and IP addresses.

Click here for the whole report.

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