Apple announces the opening date of its first Apple Store in Turkey [exclusive]


Apple today officially confirmed to Webrazzi that the first Apple Store in Turkey, still under construction in the garden of Zorlu Centre, Istanbul, will open its doors on 5th April. The announcement came during an exclusive visit to the site where only Webrazzi and the Anatolian News Agency reporters were invited.

The covers around the entrance block of the store were also removed today during our visit, revealing banners exclaiming “We will be there on April the 5th”!

During his visit to Istanbul in early February, Apple CEO Tim Cook announced the first Apple Store in the country would open in Istanbul come April. He added, “Apple Store Istanbul will be unique in all respects, with a store concept that will be the first of its kind in the entire world”.

Below are the first images of the concealed entrance block, which we assume will take visitors down to the two-storey store underneath.


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