Turkish court rejects Twitter’s appeal to reverse ban [updated]

Twitter_HOIstanbul 5th Anatolian Penal Court of Peace has rejected Twitter’s appeal to reverse the nation-wide blocking by the Turkish government.

Court’s ruling came a day after the company announced it has petitioned to legal authorities to remove the blocking. It also said that one of the accounts that the government deems ‘illegal’ is actually in line with Twitter’s free political speech policy, and asked to court to exclude this account from the legal grounds adopted by the court.

The Penal Court of Peace where Twitter’s lawyers in Turkey submitted their petition, has decided that “the appeal for the removal of protective measure in the form of blocking the access to Twitter cannot be accepted as valid as there is no previous legal ruling to block the website”. The court presumably refers to an overall blocking of Twitter, the legal grounds of which are still unclear.

According to the recently passed internet law, the ‘illegal’ content in digital platforms can be blocked on page basis, whereas a ban on entire platform is not applicable.

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