Statista confirms security breach, changes user passwords

statista-webrazziGerman online statistics portal Statista announced that ‘unknown people’ had illegal accessed to their customer database, and the company was forced to change the passwords of customers as a precaution. It claimed e-mail addresses and passwords might have been compromised during the breach, but credit card and bank details were safe as they are not saved by the company system.

According to the e-mail notification sent by Tim Kroeger, one of the co-founders of the company, the security breach has since been eliminated by their team and account data are now safe. However, he admitted that there is still possibility that some of the user data may have been taken.

It’s stated in the notification that current passwords have been changed with new ones, which will be sent to customers’ e-mail accounts after their next login. Any user with further questions may write to

Statista is a professional platform that provides a vast collection of stats and charts for predominantly corporate clients from around the world. It integrates data on over 60,000 topics for 21 market sectors from over 18,000 sources. Its client base includes thousands of businesses, business customers, research institutions and academic institutions who need periodical quantitative data.

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