Yandex and Google agree to share RTB platforms to better control Russian ad market

google-yandex-logoRussian internet giant Yandex, who signed Facebook mid-January to expand its indexed and real-time search content, announced yesterday that it now will cooperate with Google in sharing their RTB ad platforms and inventories. The agreement will cover only display advertising, not the text-based contextual ones, according to the press release.

Through Google’s subsidiary DoubleClick, the company’s advertising clients will now have access to one of Russia’s largest advertising inventories offered by publishers in Yandex’s Advertising Network. Advertising clients of Yandex, on the other hand, will be able to bid for ad displays in the global inventory of DoubleClick AdExchange partners.

Both systems are powered by the real-time-bidding technology, which allows advertisers and publishers to maximise their advertising revenues and cut costs through efficient audience targeting and automated, algorithm-based bidding.

The press release reads that “Google and Yandex complement each other in terms of user data, audience-targeting and bid-optimisation, with Yandex’s machine learning technology MatrixNet providing fluidity and precision to behaviour-based targeting, and Google’s cutting-edge ad display optimisation giving all market participants the best value for their money.”

Yandex launched its own real-time bidding system for auctioning ad impressions to advertising systems in March 2012. Yandex.Direct and myThings were the first participants, which were later joined by Tinkoff Digital, the developer of Russia’s first RTB platform, and LaModa, one of the most popular fashion e-retailers in Russia.

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