Turks used credit cards to pay for 68% of their online purchases

turkey-online-shoppingE-commerce market in Turkey has always seemed very lucrative. Although the national economy has started giving alerts about ‘imbalanced’ current accounts balance, and therefore, causing concerns about future instability in finances, Turkish citizens are increasingly willing to shop online, and using their credit cards to do so, as usual.

According to the brief infographic prepared by Ideasoft, an Istanbul-based provider of e-commerce solutions, Turks spent a good 53% more on online smallware purchases and 47% more on cosmetics in 2013. The report analyzing the data from Ideasoft’s 2,480,000 customers who traded 11,500,000 items over Ideasoft platforms last year, reveals that the sales of automotive and textile products rose by 45% and 41% respectively. Electronics comes fifth with 32% growth.

The report also shed light on the payment choices of e-commerce customers in 2013. Credit cards were, again, the most popular method among buyers with a 68% share. Bank transfers lag far behind  with 15% whereas only 12% of the sales were made by cash payments. Mobile payments consisted a tiny 3% of all the transactions which signals a room for growth in forthcoming periods.

Considering that Ideasoft’s customer base rose to 4,236 SMEs last year, the data given in below infographic well represents an overview for the performance of Turkey’s e-commerce sector.


Cover image: Sheff/Shutterstock

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